Take care of yourself!

Analyze your DNA and find out what kind of food is right for you. Fight the signs of aging and stay fit thanks to a personalized food program.

Do the test with the DNA&Me kit, choose the panels that interest you and get your personalized genetic report along with your nutritional plan.

Find out how to live better, learn what and how to eat, which are your food intolerances and requirements, all starting from your DNA.

Human DNA is composed of about 20,000-25,000 genes that characterize each individual in a unique and unrepeatable way. The differences occur both externally with the physical aspect and internally in the different ability to fight infections, metabolize nutrients, eliminate toxins or respond to other compounds found in nature and to which we are daily exposed.

Today it is possible to obtain a lot of information from the study of DNA. Thanks to DNA&Me you can perform your DNA analysis in an easy, fast and non-invasive way.

The right knowledge and the correct interpretation of the data of your DNA allow you to put in place preventive strategies that can effectively counteract your possible predispositions with the help of a personalized food plan.

For your needs and your lifestyle we have developed four specific genetic screening programs: "mySensitivity", "mySensitivity + Metabolic", "mySensitivity + Anti-Aging" and "mySensitivity + Metabolic + Anti-Aging". All these programs aim to promote the right nutrition for your general well-being.