Stamen, succeeded in the first transplant to the eye

Three almost completely blind people will recover, at least in part, the sight thanks to the first ”liquid” transplant in the field of ophthalmology in Italy.

The intervention - pioneeristically performed by the physician and researcher Dr. Emiliano Ghinelli - is based on stem cells and their regenerative potential; the operation consists of an injection: in the areas affected by the pathologies, a fluid is injected which - apparently - may seem like a simple eye drop but technically it is a transplantation of elementary units of the amniotic membrane.

”The operation is good,” explains Dr. Ghinelli, ”the human body is capable of self-healing, just find the mechanisms that stimulate it to do so. That's what I worked on. We do nothing but reduce the amniotic membrane tissue in very small fragments, which contains very large amounts of ”stimulating molecules” so that it can be administered painlessly without surgery. It's exciting to be able to treat some afflictions with a high visual impact in the hospital environment where I work.”

The new technique gives hope to those suffering from serious eye diseases for which there is no cure, including chronic eye disease such as dry eye, chemical or thermal burns, limbic stem and retinal degeneration but also optic diseases (such as glaucomatosis) and chronic uveitis.


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