Autism treatment with cord blood stem cells

Nikoloz is an 8-year-old boy who lives in Georgia ( His parents stored his cord blood in a private bank in Tbilisi. They had no particular reason to preserve the stem cells, but they trusted their obstetrician, who recommended doing so. After two years, the parents noticed that something was wrong with the development of Nicoloz: his emotional outbursts were frequent, he could not pronounce a single word, he was easily distracted, he did not communicate with other children and showed no interest in them. At the age of three, Nicoloz was diagnosed with infantile autism.
Conventional therapies seemed to have no effect on Nicoloz.
In 2016, the parents of Nicoloz discovered that the Mardaleishvili medical center of Tibilisi, a clinic with experience in the use of autologous stem cells for spinal cord injury, was about to begin a clinical trial for the treatment of autism with autologous cord blood.
Nikoloz was enrolled in the clinical trial. He received three intrathecal injections of his umbilical cord blood stem cells, at intervals of 6 months.
Nikoloz showed significant improvement already after two injections. His vocabulary has increased impressively, he is now able to speak and communicate with short sentences. He can read, write, paint and solve arithmetic problems. Even his behavior has improved: he is not aggressive anymore and no more emotional outbursts have been reported. Nicoloz now regularly attends school and studies with a slightly adapted program.
At the following link , you can find the clinical trials that are using umbilical cord stem cells for the treatment of autism.


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