Cryo-conservation of stem cells

Pregnancy type


Singleton Twin
20 years 25 years

Cord Tissue

Cord Tissue* - Singleton pregnancy - Italy - 20 years

  • Processing and storage of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • Birthplace : Italy
  • Singleton pregnancy (20 years)
Cord blood

Cord Blood - Singleton pregnancy - Italy - 20 years

  • Processing and storage of Haematopoietic Stem Cells
  • Birthplace : Italy
  • Singleton pregnancy (20 years)

Cord blood + Cord tissue

Cord blood + Cord tissue - Singleton pregnancy - Italy - 20 years

  • Processing and storage of Haematopoietic and Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • Birthplace : Italy
  • Singleton pregnancy (20 years)

*According to certain legislations, this option stand alone may not be available in your country


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The importance of DNA banking

Banking your child’s DNA collected at the moment of birth offers unquestionable advantages. First, it is immediately available and allows, in case of an emergency, to have the material ready in order to analyse the presence of genetic diseases. Additionally, you can use it to test the predisposition of the child or adult to certain yet unknown illnesses. For these genetic practices it is important to work on a very good DNA sample, just like the one that can be extracted from a blood sample.

Child Mother Father


  • DNA banking for 20 years
  • Child

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Conservation? Not only

In SSCB, keeping up with the pace of medical research is important and is proven by the wide range of services that go beyond the conservation of umbilical cord stem cells: from genetic analysis, to DNA banking, up to consultations on new clinical trials. Let’s see in detail what we are talking about.

New clinical trials: whole support in SSCB

Counselling on new clinical trials involving stem cells. This is the new service offered by SSCB in order to take care of its customers thanks to the professionalism and experience gained in the field.

Currently, over 4500 clinical trials are ongoing in the world, and joining these groups on which new therapies are being ‘tested’ is not that simple. You have to carefully evaluate the cases and understand, with the group of researchers who are carrying out the study, if it is possible to access them. In one word, expertise is needed, such as that of SSCB.

To request the consultation of SSCB on clinical trials with stem cells that are currently underway or are being launched worldwide, you must contact SSCB’s scientific department via email at

In the email, please indicate the pathology for which consultation is required, a telephone number and an email address.

Umbilical cord conservation, let’s discuss it

Facing the choice of conserving umbilical cord stem cells, you may have many doubts. To shed some light on this matter, SSCB organizes, directly or by supporting other partners, dedicated meetings for parents. The goal is to provide exact and accurate information on umbilical cord conservation, on the different options of autologous private storage and anonymous donation for heterologous use, on cord blood stem cells, their therapeutic use, and on ongoing clinical trials.

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