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SSCB is not like other bank thanks to the special accreditation achieved

  • Fact-NetCord accreditation: International "Gold Standard" for the extraction and conservation of stem cells to guarantee the use of the samples and the very high quality of the processes
    54 Banks worldwide
    Only 6 private
    Only SSCB in Switzerland
  • Free Counseling Service for Recruiting patients in Trial Clinics for Stem Cells Therapies in qualified international centers

The best QUALITY you can have

In SSCB quality is the most important point

  • Closed and fully automated processing system which enables very low risk of contamination
  • Working in collaboration with Biosafe, the most recognised brand in Stem Cell processing
  • Sepax 2 Processing System: Stem Cell Separation & Volume reduction is considered the "Golden Standard" in Umbilical Cord Blood Cryopreservation
  • Dual Storage insuring additional safety
  • Conservation of several reference samples (8 aliquots per sample) to respect the requests of the transplant centers
  • Extraction of stem cells from cord tissue at birth: maximization of cell viability
  • Definitive storage of samples in liquid nitrogen: maximum safety in any situation
  • European Integrated Logistics
    • 24/7 business operations
    • Exclusive courier service
  • Constant control of the transport temperature of the biological material
  • Consolidated experience
    • 13 years of laboratory experience
    • several releases for therapeutic use

Private conservation: here’s who to trust

To deal with the choice of private conservation with serenity, you need to select the right structure. But what are the criteria to be taken into consideration to ensure real hope for the future? Just keep in mind three simple rules: quality, safety and reliability. And this is the recipe of Swiss Stem Cells Biotech (SSCB), which, thanks to more than 13 years of experience, is the most prestigious bio-bank in Switzerland and in Europe with more than 20,000 samples stored.

Safety and quality in SSCB

SSCB’s safety and quality are guaranteed both at national and international level.

Since its beginning of its activity, SSCB has been inspected four times by Swissmedic, the Swiss Federal Control Agency on drugs and therapeutic agents, basically the Swiss counterpart of the Italian AIFA (Italian Agency for Drugs).

In addition to Swissmedic’s authorization, SSCB has also received the prestigious accreditation from FACT-Netcord, a non-profit association based in Omaha, USA, and the world’s reference for public and private cordon banks since 1997.

Lab operator

Since the end of 2012, after a long and complex certification process, FACT-Netcord officially recognizes us as an accredited bank. This accreditation is being renewed over the years and every three years an new inspection takes place to guarantee our customers a continue improvement of our procedures and safety of the samples stored. In the world, only 54 cordon banks are accredited (April 2018 update) as the best public donation banks and the best private banks for autologous conservation. SSCB Swiss Stem Cells Biotech is one of these.

This quality certificate is equivalent to the guarantee for parents who have chosen to keep the stem cells sample in SSCB. In fact, in the case of need for a therapy, this sample would be considered safe and usable as those from the best public donation banks.

Finally, it is good to remember that SSCB is a real biobank, and not an intermediary. This means that it does not rely on third-party laboratories for the conservation, but performs all process and storage activities inside the facilities located in Switzerland.

When the keyword is reliability

At the end of the cryopreservation process, SSCB issues a certificate that details the data of the preserved sample: from cell viability to the number of cells, to the results of the serological and microbiological tests, and the indication of the baby’s blood group. These are data that, in the case of transplantation, are crucial to decide whether to use the sample or not. As for the cost, in SSCB there are no surprises. The price indicated at the time of subscription is all inclusive and is valid throughout the conservation time.

Expertise and professionalism

This is how SSCB takes care of its customers, by offering free counseling services on new clinical trials involving stem cells. Entering these groups on which new therapies are being “tested” is not so easy. You have to carefully evaluate the cases and understand, with the group of researchers who are carrying out the study, if it is possible to access them. In one word, expertise is needed, such as that of Swiss Stem Cells Biotech.

Final certificate

SSCB certification


NetCord (International NetCord Foundation) is a non-profit association that consists primarily - but not exclusively - of public cord blood banks. So far, banks accredited by NetCord have issued over 10,000 units of cord blood for transplantation in both adults and children. To ensure the best possible use of the sample in case of transplantation, in 1999 NetCord started a close collaboration with the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cell Therapy (FACT), with which, since 2001, a series of accreditation programs have been started and are updated every three years to be updated with the development of technologies and processes.

The FACT-NetCord accreditation - renewed every 3 years - is more complete than that of AABB and is distinguished mainly by its approach to complete inspection of the entire process adopted by each biobank. This accreditation therefore covers all aspects of umbilical cord blood management - from the moment the blood is collected for processing to storage, including patient management in the event of transplantation (for accredited facilities offering cell therapies).

Today, the FACT-NetCord standards are recognized worldwide by stem cell transplantation programs.

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